Mathematical Argumentation: How do you even start? By Teresa Lara-Meloy | February 8, 2019 I recently started a martial arts class. Towards the end of the first class, we began something I have never done before: the five animal poses. As I focused on following the leader, making ... Read more

How Many Examples Do You Need to Prove Something? By Teresa Lara-Meloy & Jennifer Knudsen | November 27, 2018 We have spent more than 10 years studying math argumentation in middle school, in part because early teenagers are in an interesting stage in their development of argumentation skills. While they ... Read more

Using Visual Representations to Support All Students: Snippets and Resources from NCTM Presentation By Hee-Joon Kim | May 2, 2018 Last week at NCTM’s annual conference, Harriette Stevens and Hee-Joon Kim presented on using visual representations to engage all students in the mathematical practices—with a focus on argumentation. They discussed how both familiar representations (e.g. diagrams, graphs) and ... Read more

At NCTM on Friday, April 27 at 9:45 AM: Visual Representations By Teresa Lara-Meloy | April 19, 2018 Next week, we present at NCTM on using visual representations in the math practices—mostly argumentation, considering it’s us. Here it is in the program: As a teaser, here are a couple of slides from the ... Read more

Conjecturing for All! By Jennifer Knudsen | March 7, 2018 I recently re-tweeted Christina Cho’s (@ccho01) tweet on her second graders’ conjecture wall. So inspiring! If second graders can conjecture, so can middle schoolers, don’t you think? We’ve found it to be true. I thought ... Read more

How Do You Choose Tools? By Hee-Joon Kim | January 21, 2018 How do you decide which tools to allow for students to use to “do” mathematics? When we say doing mathematics, we mean students engaging in exploring mathematical ideas and concepts. Traditionally, students have been ... Read more

Mathematical Argumentation as a 21st Century Skill By Harriette Stevens | December 12, 2017 We were recently lucky enough to present at the annual conference of the National Alliance of Black Educators. It was full of interesting sessions, which I didn’t have enough time to explore thoroughly. Our ... Read more

Are Your Students Afraid of Expressing Their Thinking Because They Don’t Want to be Wrong? By Jennifer Knudsen | November 6, 2017 Mathematical argumentation is improvisational! As you and your students create mathematical truth together, you all have to respond in the moment to what others are saying and doing. Norms of collaboration and celebrating mistakes ... Read more

7 Steps for Engaging Students Through Mathematical Argumentation By Jennifer Knudsen | October 23, 2017 Mathematicians have been figuring out the mathematical truth for millennia. Can this possibly be relevant for today’s students? Yes! Mathematical argumentation can make your classroom more joyful and engaging. Going beyond just rules to memorize, ... Read more

Students Need to Take Mathematical Authority By Jennifer Knudsen | October 22, 2017 Mathematical argumentation is the perfect opportunity for your students to develop their own mathematical authority—their sense of self as creators of mathematics, in charge of deciding the truth for themselves. We elaborate in this ... Read more

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