At NCTM on Friday, April 27 at 9:45 AM: Visual Representations

By Teresa Lara-Meloy | April 19, 2018

Next week, we present at NCTM on using visual representations in the math practices—mostly argumentation, considering it’s us. Here it is in the program:

Using Visual Representations

As a teaser, here are a couple of slides from the presentation:

While the practice of argumentation requires new norms, one in particular fosters students’ use of visual representations: Show how you know.

Argumentation slide

Students’ gestures are one important form of visual representation that can be overlooked. It can be particularly important for ELLs. Here’s an improv game designed to help students pay attention to each other’s gestures and more generally, to visual representations that may get used.

Magic clay directions

Try out one of our activities and let us know how it goes!
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The image in this blog post can be found in our book: Knudsen, J., Stevens, H., Lara-Meloy, T., Kim, H., and Shechtman, N. (2017). Mathematical Argumentation in Middle School—The What, Why, and How. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.