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Over the past ten years we’ve implemented Bridging PD a number of times. From these implementations we offer PD agendas and materials.

These guides for a 4-day workshop provide detailed lesson plans and activity descriptions. This workshop focuses on mathematical argumentation in coordinate geometry.

2007 Bridging Workshop Facilitator Guide 2007 Bridging Workshop Participant Guide 2007 Bridging Workshop Student Materials 2007 Bridging Workshop Teacher Notes

This 3-day workshop covers conjecturing, justifying, and concluding with math activities, improv games, and homework for each days session.

2010 Bridging Workshop Facilitator Guide

Materials also include 6 student-facing activities.

Defining Rectangles, Defining Rectangles Answer Guide
Equations of Sides and Diagonals
Exactly, where?
Length of Sides
Patterns in Coordinates
Vertices of Rectangles
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