Articles By Bridging Researchers

  • Shechtman, N., Knudsen, J., Kim, H., Lara-Meloy, T., Michalchik, V., (2019) An Implementation Study of the Bridging Professional Development Program. Menlo Park, CA: SRI International. This report presents findings from an implementation study of the Bridging Professional Development Program.
  • Knudsen, J., Shechtman, N., Lara-Meloy, T., Stevens, H., & Rutstein, D (2015). A professional development program for mathematical argumentation: Bridging from workshop to classroom. Technical report to NSF.
    Imagine a seventh-grade classroom where the students are discussing whether or not the placement of quadrants in a coordinate system is a convention, and the teacher is adeptly prompting them to question and expand on each other’s arguments by asking them to clarify and refine their conjectures, and by stepping aside to let them make their own arguments. This engagement is the result of an innovative professional development (PD) program that supports middle school teachers in teaching for mathematical argumentation.
  • Knudsen, J., & Shechtman, N. (2017). Professional Development that Bridges the Gap Between Workshop and Classroom through Improvisation. In Taking design thinking to school. S. Goldman & Z. Kabayadondo (Eds.), Routledge. New York, NY.
    This chapter by Jennifer Knudsen and Nicole Shechtman posits Bridging teachers as design thinkers. It is found in the new book, Taking Design Thinking to School: How the Technology of Design Can Transform Teachers, Learners, and Classrooms edited by Shelley Goldman, Zaza Kabayadondo (Rutledge,2017). A vital resource for education researchers, practitioners, and policymakers, Taking Design Thinking to School brings together some of the most innovative work in design pedagogy.
  • Knudsen, J., Lara-Meloy, T., Stevens, H., & Wise Rutstein, D. (2014). Advice for mathematical argumentation. 19. (8). Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, 19. 494.
    “Telling” can be an effective tool in helping students engage in intellectually demanding argumentation and productive behavior.
  • Shechtman, N. & Knudsen, J. (2009). Bringing out the Playful Side of Mathematics: Using Methods from Improvisational Theater in Professional Development for Urban Middle School Math Teachers. Vol. 11. Play and Culture Series, November 21, 2009.
    With such a strong emphasis on testing and account ability in this No Child Left Behind era, and in a nation where more than 60% of the citizens are estimated to be affected by math anxiety (Ashcraft, Krause, & Hopko, 2007), mathematics is not something many people associate with play.
  • Shechtman, N., Knudsen, K., Kim, H., & Empson, S. (2008). Classroom mathematical argumentation as joint activity: A new framework for understanding an important classroom practice. Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, New York, NY.
  • Shechtman, N., Knudsen, J., & Stevens, H. (2010). The Bridging Teacher Professional Development Project: Supporting mathematical argumentation in distressed urban middle school contexts. Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Denver, CO.
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  • Shechtman, N., Knudsen, J., Michalchik, V., Stevens, H., & Kim, H. (2013). The Bridging teacher professional development project: Supporting mathematical argumentation in distressed urban middle school contexts.
  • Kim, H, Stevens, H., Knudsen, J., & Rafanan, K. (2016). Using mathematical argumentation to achieve equity in discourse. Proceedings of the 38th Annual Meeting of the North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education.
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  • Stevens, H. S., & Knudsen, J. (2018). Professional development and educational leadership: Promoting excellence in classroom teaching and learning. Awaiting.
  • Stevens, H., Kim, H., & Lara-Meloy, T. (2018). Advancing visual representations: Engaging all students with the standards for mathematical practice. National Council of Teacher of Mathematics.
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